frequently asked questions

  • How long have you been playing drums? I started playing drums at the age of 9 in 1992.  I started by signing up with the school band and continue to be a big supporter of school music programs.
  • What styles can you play? I can play most styles of music. I play to fit the music through the use of space, dynamics, and good time-keeping. I grew up playing rock songs, so that's my foundation, but I'm no stranger to jazz, Latin, funk, and odd-time-signature styles.
  • What kind of equipment do you use? I usually play a 4-piece maple Tama Starclassic with an assortment of Zildjian or Paiste cymbals. 
  • Who have you studied with? My early drum instruction came at the hands of several very capable public school music programs in Maryland. During this time I also studied privately with Grant Menefee, who was instrumental in my growth as a drummer. At Berklee, I was extremely fortunate to study with Casey Scheuerell, Rod Morgenstein, and Steve Wilkes.
  • Will you play drums for my band/give me drum lessons/sit in on this gig/record with me, etc.? It depends on my schedule, but I'm always interested in meeting other musicians and new students. Send me a message via the "Contact" section of the website and I'll be in touch with you.
  • Who are some of your influences? Here are a few: Dave Grohl, Abe Cunningham, Carter Beauford, Levon Helm, John Bonham, Chad Smith, Ryan Pope, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Jon Theodore, and Evan Tanner.